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From the cradle to the grave,
our life is charted, our path is saved,
On the day of our birth,
We are destined to prove our worth.
To our parents we gave joy,
Be you a girl, or a boy,
The child, for who they did always wish,
would be the child, that they would always cherish.
The child, that they would watch grow,
And teach that child, all that they know,
Look after the child, through the teething times,
And at bedtime, sing nursery rhymes.
As they look on the child, with loving gazes,
And treat and tend, all their cuts and grazes,
The child, they would teach, wrong from right,
And, be their guiding light.
Help them, in times of frustration,
Give them a good education,
Teach them the wrongs, of avarice and greed,
And always be there, for a friend in need.
And pass on the same love, that you were shown,
Now that your childhood days, you have outgrown,
But never forget, you are never too old to learn,
And wisdom is a thing, you can't buy, you must earn.
Through life's long path, it will not always be fun,
But alas life , you will get but one,
So, savour every moment, and cherished memories save,
From the cradle to the grave.


Copyright Ralph Jones. 

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