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A series of my paintings at Easington Miners Welfare to commemorate the Miners who lost their lives in the in the Easington Colliery Disaster of 29 May 1951


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Massive thanks to The Nottingham News Centre, The Black Mining Museum and Norma Gregory for including me in their Youtube celebration video of Black Miners in the UK and beyond. What a great tribute!!

I am honoured to be involved.


Oh my goodness !! You are amazing. I just checked out your website and everything is very detailed and simply beautiful. I can see you must have started at a young age with your art. I think you could open up your own art gallery with just your art.


Wow, Wow, Wow! Just received your painting! I have no words to describe how honored I feel to have one of your works in my hands! I thought the photos were amazing, but seeing it for real has my heart beating out of my chest! I just want to stare at it all day. So incredible! Im not sure I trust anyone to frame it. I think I will take it to the museum to get their advice. Do you ever sell them framed? I would love to start a collection of your work. Is Captain Coble and Old Salt still available?


WATCHING THE SWELL named by David Anson.


Hi Karen

Your painting is in 67 Whitworth Terrace, Spennymoor the former home of Norman Cornish, my wife and I are frequent visitors to the Town Hall Gallery that show case local artists depicting our industrial heritage which you do so well, keep up the great artwork, a visit to Normans exhibition at Bowes museum will surely blow you away.

Anyone who knows the name Norman Cornish will know what an honour this is for me. 

Norman Cornish.jpg
CHILD OF MINE named by Yvonne Gardiner#.
N.C. Plaque (1).jpg
ERIC'S PAINTING gifted.jpg

I have known Karen for many years and watched her develop into a fabulous artist. She keeps adding more and more artistic talents to her work giving her such a variety of wonderful pictures. I am now actually lucky to own one myself. Good luck Karen with all your artwork. 

Jill Coates 2019

 I posted your website on the Vasculitis Hobbies page & said that you had illustrated my book - out of the goodness of your heart & asked them to share your link. Fingers crossed they are. You deserve all the success you can get. xxx

Margaret Robertson 2019


We had the picture to ourselves Karen Thompson, lucky nobody was sat at that table else there may of been ww3!
Your other work tho is amazing and the photos on Facebook don’t do them justice.
Of course I had to tell everyone else who was in the cafe that the hands were named as a tribute to my Dad who was a miner. Think I was boring people to tears!

We as a family feel totally honoured that you named one of your pictures in honour of our Dad (Eddie)and Mams husband of over 60 years ( when Dad sadly passed away ).
My Dad would be as proud as a peacock. He was a miner all his working days and was so proud of it, as we all are.

Suzanne Lane, Debra Northy August 2019

I have to agree with Suzanne, your work looks amazing on facebook but when you see it for yourself at one of your exhibits you realize that the photos just don't do it justice. Your work is fantastic and emotive.

Maureen Levesque - FLORIDA 2019

Well my Dads (Eddie’s)hands are now in their new home, this is one of your best Karen tho I may be a tad biased,  every mark on his hands told a story. Believe me artwork is even more stunning up close. Thank you with all my heart. Dad would be proud.

Suzanne Lane December 2019

Nice to see the website up and running. What a brilliant and moving poem you have started with. All coal miners should get behind you as you are doing us proud. As they say down here Diolch Karen my ffrend (thank you Karen my friend)

Ralph Jones November 2019

We all think you are brilliant Karen , all your time and effort going in to these marvellous creations.... well appreciated especially among the mining community’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Well done.

Tommy Hutton December 2019

Neil Middleditch.jpg

Neil Middleditch very happy with his picture.

As an ex miner a lot of your pictures give me pleasure Karen .

Ralph Ord August 2019

Words cannot say how much it meant to my mam and to us all, it’s just how we remember him. Thank you so much, it’s brought and will continue to bring a lot of comfort. We are so happy that it’s going on FB, thank you. X

Debra Northey 2019

Friday I visited a gallery exhibiting your work. Two of the picture moved me to tears, one was an old sea salt of a man who I felt I could have had a conversation with. The other was a coal miner with a babe in arms this is the one that got to me the most. Unfortunately I was not in a position to buy and transport them with me and I will have to make room at home to display them in full, but it is my intention to follow your work from now on with the view to a purchase in the near future.

Peter Jackson May 2019


Very honoured that, in 2018, my Christ Church Great Lumley painting was used as a wedding invitation.


LIFESPAN CHARITY Thank you letter

MR NORTHEY gift for his family..jpg

Letter of thanks from Barbara and Brian Armstrong

Karen my mam is absolutely amazed, she could not believe the likeness, she says it is perfect, and she is absolutely in awe, you have made our mam extremely happy. X


Letter of thanks from Tom Sterling on behalf of GLMC

OMG Karen am sitting here with tears in my eyes seeing my name mentioned along side of 2 of your paintings> I don't know what you feel like being the Artist of such lovely work. Hope everything gets better and better for you Karen

Sandra Robinson 2019


LIVING MAGAZINE 2018 and again 2019 where I received a mention alongside Norman Cornish. 


Hi Karen,just received the picture, absolutely amazing, thank you very much.

Colin Goy 2019

Your art makes me so emotional it brings back so many memories of my childhood thank you for this. It also means so much to the miners of our group I can not tell you. One day I will be able to purchase some Leicestershire pit paintings when I have the funding to use in the exhibition

Susan Woodward 2019 Leicestershire Coal Mining.

My daughter adores my portrait, it is in pride of place in her bedroom. I had it dedicated and signed before I gave it to her by Arthur Scargill as I spent a couple of hours in his company donating some documents from the miners strike for the Arthur Scargill archive trust. I am sure it would please you to know that. Best regards. Neil.

Neil Whittaker - Australia 2019


Your paintings are amazing, you have a tremendous talent for capturing the very heart and soul of miners and their lives.....

Fred Dickson 2019

A miner standing motionless, Staring into space, What is it that he’s thinking?, A dire look upon his face, The painting captures something, It’s there for all to see, But interpretations differ, Between you and between me, Another brilliant portrait, Of a miner underground, His lamp is shining brightly, Thought provoking and profound!

Written for my by Malcolm Barnes 2019

Hi Karen I have looked at your pictures, wow no words to describe how great and detailed they are, absolutely fantastic X

Darren Gill 2019

My Dad worked in a few different pits and when starting in one of them a man he was working with came over to him and shook hands,saying "hello I am Geordie but I am known as Golden Back. I have a bad back and am not at work much.The bosses would love to get rid of me but they can only take my word for it. The union is always behind me. So Golden Back and I became friends on the few days he was at work. He was famous at that pit and loved his nickname."

A humorous little quip really but it always makes me smile.

Thank you for sharing with me Lynda Gardiner 2019

Hiya Karen, I enjoy your work very much, Best wishes from sunny South Wales

Margaret Morgan 2019


Hi Karen i collect mining photo's for my own personal use (show grand children ect).Would it be ok to copy your drawing "The heart of darkness"to add to my collection XX

Lance Blanchard 2018 (honoured)

I prefer your drawings if am honest Karen. Very talented lady you are . As you know a piece of your art hangs proudly in my living room. And any body who asks I tell them to check your website out .

Patrick Mccarroll 2018

To see your work on the IPhone or IPad is one thing but to see the artists delight in the raw state is an awesome experience, the drawings told the story in a very powerful yet charismatic manner, we then had a tour of the building (Redhills Durham Miners Hall) and an account the building by the excellent Kevin. I even had the pleasure of having the crack with the President and  Vivienne President of the Miners Union, but the icing on the cake was to meet a truly beautiful lady who’s talent is absolutely astounding, Karen your a very special lady you truly are, you keep believing in your self and keeping the memory of all those brave Miners alive for all to enjoy, it was a pleasure and a honour to meet you personally today.

Michael McCrickard 2018


I am in awe of your eye to recognize such things, your heart to embrace it, your hand to capture it, 
your beauty inside and out.

Michael Edwin June 2015

I love all of your art work. You really inspired me a lot. I read the short description of yours from this site. I remember myself started the world of art by sketching a female human eye.

Anu BM May 2015

Congratulations on winning the George Westgarth trophy at the 2015 Hetton Art Club Exhibition, the judge did say if he could have picked a third it would have been your pitman. Wow!

Alan T Jackson May 2015


Some very impressive work Karen and something that will evolve more and more as you continue painting. A real pleasure to look at your work and well done with your career path.
Kind regards, Joe

Joe Hush ARTIST July 2014

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