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    Mrs. Michelangelo 


Mother, daughter, carer, owner of a golden heart

Out of sheer boredom, enrolled in a course on art

Never had any interest before, but a God given talent she had

All she needed was a push, a set of pencils and a sketch pad.


Now her artwork is there for all to see

Soon to be travelling the country, exhibiting in local galleries

Does her sketches, with dignity, grace and feeling

A modern day Mrs. Michelangelo, her sketch pads the Sistine ceiling.


Her subjects are normally men of the coal face, or men of the sea

As you look at the artwork, you sense the passion and humility

A lady who has never been to sea, or into a coal mine has descended

But look at her work, and it has to be applauded and commended.


A woman who is a friend of mine, although we have never met

But ever since viewing the artwork, I have had no regrets

The trawlermen, have the perils of the sea etched on their faces

In the coal miners you can feel, the hurt of the coal faces. 


A lady from the North East, her work must be seen to be believed

In such a short time of taking up art, so much has been achieved

After years of caring, and giving total devotion

Now she has found her true life vocation.


A vocation that that digs deep into the soul

Whatever the sketches, be it men of the sea, or men of the coal

This lady never fails

To include the finest detail.


Those of us who have viewed the art, can only look on in awe

As we wonder at the detail, in the work that we saw

Work of such a high quality, that is difficult to find

A true tribute to the workers, on the trawlers and in the mines.


As a proud hardened collier, of many years

This artwork, can still bring me to tears

Artwork, that truly is unique

Artwork that if you own one, please cherish it and keep.


Now as this story comes an end

Please remember the name, and add her as a friend

And if you think this is a figment of my imagination

Please go to the world wide web, and look at artbykarenthompson.

Written for me by Ralph Jones.

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