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Shadows of heroes, follow my tread,
From dawn`s early chorus, until I go to my bed,
They watch from a distance, as I go through my day,
Shadows of heroes, a heartbeat away.

Loyalty holds them, by history bound,
Long fallen heroes, can ever be found,
Lingering long in my spirit so brave,
Shadows of heroes, guard me from their grave.

But these silent shadows, show great discontent,
At all that they died for and what it all meant,
Yes, freedom was gained by the slaughter they saw,
But man still promotes the sad causes of war.

Was the need of this carnage, for freedom or greed?
That caused them to die, for a glorious deed?
As they died by the million did they know on that day?
That we who came after, - would throw it away?

These shadows of heroes make me what I am,
A proud and compassionate true Englishman,
Who never forgets and ever grateful will be,
To these shadows of heroes, who watch over me.

( Rest in glorious peace my heroes, - ever grateful ).

( Copyright Michael Westwood ).

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