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Take a look at that man's hardened face,
that spent many years in a dark, hard place,
that grafted and toiled in the earth's crust,
a nose you can see that is broken and bust,
it belongs to a man proud and tough,
that tackled a place unruly and rough.
The thing that gives it all away,
that will last until his dying day,
up and down the country, wide and fair,
it's a mining medal, it's called the blue scar,
the only thing he's had for free,
from that hard and brutal industry.
But it's not always the case,
that an accident had marked his face,
someone fancies a week in the sun,
the only thing is they've got no funds,
a stanley knife, with a new sharp blade,
on your face, a cut can be made.
Open up a cut as you grit your teeth,
then rub some dust in underneath,
get a friend to witness the act,
report it, and hide the true fact,
once its put in the accident book,
you'll have to see how it will look.
Then you wait a week or two,
until the scar is nice and blue,
then you go and see the compensation sec,
ask for a form, he'll know what to get,
he'll ask no questions, just give you a wink,
he's seen it all before, whatever you think.
Send it in then they'll give you a date,
to see a doctor he'll seal your fate,
a letter will be sent when a decision is made,
if you are successful, by cheque you'll be paid,
might be enough for a holiday in Spain,
if it is, might do it, next year again? !!


Copyright Ralph Jones 

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