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One pair of hands

One pair of hands, scarred and wrinkled with age,
Shadows of history there, page by page,
Times of hard labour every long day,
Long on the hours, - short on the pay.

One pair of eyes, that are greying and dim,
With glimpses of mischief still hidden within,
Half secret memories hidden from view,
Many a day, - are remembered anew.

One loving soul, full of giving and care,
With love that abounds all around, everywhere,
A gentle contentment, and patience to find,
With love, understanding, wise counsel, and pride.

One beating heart, that forever will sing,
Of the song of his teaching that a lifetime does bring,
And ever the strength, all found to be had,
In this god - given gift, - that we all call. - `OUR DAD`

Copyright Mick Westwood

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