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What can I say, I walked by you today

and I paused and remembered your time

When you were robbed of your natural freedom

and sent down to work in the mine.

Where you worked for no pay, for long hours of the day,

only feeding on water and bran,

In a stable of brick, in a tunnel

and cleaned by an underground man.

No sunshine for warmth on your withers,

or cold rain to thicken your tail

No frost for a gallop in winter

Not peppered by showers of hail.

No sweet smelling grass for your grazing

Not even a soft bale of hay

Just maybe a sweet from your driver

If you had worked well for that day.

I am pleased that you've finished your task there

and returned to the land 'up above'

Where you can now rest in that meadow

and the Miner can send you his love.

I will worship your wonderful statue

and remember my time with mixed pride

When a man and his little pit-pony

worked in the mine, side by side.

Copyright Mick Westwood


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