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I shan't forget that last goodbye,

my farewell with my faithful friend.

Our final moments shared drew nye,

for Jack, this was to be the end.

We’d lie embraced one final time,

I always knew this day would come.

No more together hills we'd climb.

to sobbing tears I'd now succumbed.

Jack's once so shining, life filled eyes,

looked lifeless now as if he knew.

I whispered softly fond goodbyes.

pain so intense, it was untrue.

Recalling all those carefree times,

when we would run in summer breeze.

Both of us then,when in our primes,

leapt farmers fences with such ease.

His brown eyes looked so sadly pale,

both sensed it was his time to leave.

And with those last half wags of tail,

the time had come for me to grieve.


Copyright James Bridgewood

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