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They’re a keystone species, a dying breed,

poached for their ivory, it’s just pure greed.

Roaming Savannahs, they must be preserved,

A fission-fusion society, it’s what they deserve.


These beautiful beasts, such a wonderful sight,

roaming in groups, young calves, such a delight.

Seismic footsteps with a matriarch leading,

In moments of danger, readily stampeding.


Uniformly melancholy, ruling their domain,

Moving without fear, through daunting terrain,

These gentle giants, protect, love and care,

Contagious emotions, that all of them share.


These human characteristics set them apart

When seen in the wild, take them to your heart

To kill such an animal, a reprehensible crime,

They’re a sight to behold, physicality sublime.


Copyright Arthur Cole

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