Christmas on the coal-face

Christmas on the coal - face, - toffees on the tree,

See them in the cap - lamp`s glow, save one please for me,

Deputy`s gone `on his round`, it`s time to have some cheer,

( Maybe we can find that tin of hidden beer ? ) .

Tighten up the timber, clear the AFC,

Pinch the `coal - tops in the `end`, set an extra tree,

Bring the `horseheads ` forward, and `cog` up to the line,

Then decorate the `face` because it`s `party time `.

All the men together, - food and drink is strong,

Streamers on the `chock - line`, men now sing along,

Safety lamps are glowing, lighting up the place,

Happy men together, with a smile upon their face.

Christmas on the coal - face, toffees on the tree,

Time for men to rest now, no time for misery,

Have a slice of pork pie, resting on your knee,

Cause it`s Christmas on the coal - face, -

There`s toffees on the tree .

`Merry Christmas`. ( Love to all ).


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