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As I started my life in 1941, I soon got to know that my Dad and both my grandads were all Coal Miners so when I was 15 years old, I left school and then my first love was to be a Miner which was in my blood.
At 4.30am the alarm did ring,
I open my eyes, but what will today bring?
Now I'm up, I have my first fag,
Pick up my snap tin and have my last drag.
Onto my bike and down that pit lane,
The cold wind does blow and its started to rain,
I get both my tallies and now it's 5.30,
Change into my work clothes but they are a bit dirty.
At the front of the baths I have my last fag,
Then over to the lamp room as I have my last drag,
With cap lamp on, it's into the cage,
Now someone has passed wind and it's starting a rage.
Down into that deep hole we go very fast,
On go the brakes, we're down there at last,
Onto the paddy and go for a ride,
Down to the coal face and no place to hide.
Into the stable and I start to drill,
The face chain has started and the coal has started to spill,
The shot holes are primed and we hear a big bang,
Its time for shovels for all of the gang.
As the stable is ready for that big machine,
And there's that much coal dust we can't be seen,
Its now 12.30 and time to go home,
So, its off to the paddy we all start to roam.
We run from the paddy to the sound of pit boots,
Back to the pit bottom and back to my roots,
 The first thing I do is go for a fag,
Now into the shower as I have my last drag.
Its onto my bike and up that pit lane,
Ho no! its just started to rain,
As I get to my home, my eyes start to roll,
Because in front of my home was a ton of home coal.
I sit down at the table and eat up my dinner,
Look out the window at the coal, but there's only one winner,
With shovel in hand and a pain in my head,
When  I've got this coal in, I will be ready for bed!!!
Copyright Ken Batty.
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