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My `Gaffer`is pleased with my progress,

I am only a `trainee` you see,
He thinks I am worthy of trusting,

so he has written some orders for me,

He has listed some things on the paper,

that will now become part of my chores,
And he sends me alone to collect them,

from the man in the colliery stores.

So proud do I stand at the counter,

as I ask for a `giggling pin`,
" And a bucket of sky hooks as well please,

oh!, and some tartan striped paint in a tin ".

" I want a left handed spanner, a great big glass - hammer,

and a bucket of steam for his mate,
And he said look on the shelf, or i`ll look for myself

for the carton that has the long weight".

“ We are running out of elbow grease,I want a waffling valve,

and some bolt holes for the men to hide away,
The grinder wants some sparks, and the linesmans in the dark,

has that luminous bubble come for him today?".

All these things I ask, as I go about my task,

and the storeman takes an interest as well,
He is looking down the list with great interest,

he will help me, - I can tell.

“ Have them grid – lines come in?.

He said they`re in a yellow tin, by the red-oil for the back lights “.
“ I want a fallopian tube, and some nail holes,

and some rubber shovels for the men on nights”.

“ I want a skirting board ladder, - a tall one,

a wooden one they say will be fine “.
( And by the looks that i`m getting off the storeman,

I think I will be a long time ) .

( Hope he hurries up, - it`s nearly lillycock, - whys he laughing? ) .

Copyright Mick Westwood

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