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My Uncle Dai was a miner

and now he isn't fit

he spent most of his working life

down a Cynon valley pit.

When I see him in the morning

it really makes me seethe

to hear him gasp, when he gets up

for he can hardly breathe.

I told him there will be money

I told him its his due

I made him see a solicitor

like others he can sue.

I told him he could have thousands

for the way that he does cough

he would be set up tidy

and be a proper toff.

But Dai just shook his head and laughed

he hadn't got time to wait

for what he went through down that pit

nothing could compensate.

It makes you think, all those years ago

who should take the blame

and as for Dai's compensation

well....he died before it came.

Copyright Jan Price.

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